Wela is a community oriented and heart centered brand that puts it’s customers first every time. Our team of cannabis educators is always just a phone call away, and ready to help educate you, answer all your questions & help you find the right product for you. Our CBD Fan Stories, Brand Ambassadors & Community Outreach Partners and Events gives you a chance to see that Wela is committed to growing A cannabis community and being your community CBD brand.



Hear first hand from our fans how CBD has made a difference in their life. Meet Richard a 78 year old retired pilot and engineer.

Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are loyal fans and members of the community who are helping to break the cannabis stigma. Meet Melissa an accomplished marathon runner, speech pathologist and mother of three

Community Outreach

We’re passionate about pets! Several times a year Wela will donate proceeds from the sale of our pet line back to rescue organizations that help shelter dogs in need find their forever home. Meet Luna, a Rescue Me Orlando alumn.